Club Rules

A change to rule 3(c)i regarding Junior membership was passed at the AGM on Monday 4th March for a trial of 3 months

Original rule:
That they may be admitted to the premises during limited hours as laid down by the committee and displayed prominently in The Club.

The proposition:
To allow junior members (a junior member has to be 14 or over) only to remain in The Club until close. There would of course be caveats’ attached to this ruling. This proposal has been put forward to the committee and would really be looking at events such as artist nights and fundraising events. We do realise that this has been suggested before and was not well received but given the fact that we have such a small percentage of junior members (3.5% of the membership – 21 members based on last year’s figures) it would be something we are looking at to attract more members in with on a weekend for example. We also need to consider that we need to be looking at the future and the younger generation will eventually become our lifeblood.


  1. The junior member must be accompanied at all times by an adult/guardian. It would be 1 junior member per adult. Membership cards must be shown if requested.
  2. The adult member must remain in a responsible state.
  3. No underage drinking.
  4. It would be at the discretion of the steward/committee regarding use of the club activities such as snooker, darts etc.
  5. They would be unable to play any of the gaming machines.
  6. Any member who breaks these rules will receive an immediate ban.

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